About us

Digi Research is a Technology Research and Software development company located in Raliegh, North Carolina that is comprised of a creative, highly motivated team of professionals providing broad range of consulting and development services.

Our philosophy is to address the needs of the customers with the best of Technology available backed by local expertise. We are Technology Innovators and Solution providers of all the sorts of information technology problems. Each day we make strides toward that vision by developing tools which are easy to use & perfect.

We are striving to offer high quality software products and services. We are proud to develop and offer our popular PHP products like social networking site (otation.com) data storage (folderclub.com), video upload (zigvideo.com) charity site (helpingfun.com) and many other valuable products We’re passionate about delivering Product Lifecycle Management software solutions that help you build highly efficient, distributed teams to product innovation.

Digi Research is managed by a team of innovative engineers.